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This page is targeted at researchers.  The Research Hub provides an annotated bibliography of works related to women in the criminal justice system which Sisters Inside has found useful or interesting – mainly Australian publications from a human rights/social justice perspective.


Here’s the first stage of development – a copy of all public documents produced by Sisters Inside since 1999, including major submissions to government inquiries which reference multiple other sources.




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Sisters Inside Publication

  • Stage 2 – We will soon provide links to national and international resources (clearinghouses and websites) relevant to criminalised women and the carceral state.
  • Stage 3 – Over time, we’ll continue to build an annotated bibliography of landmark publications and useful/interesting studies focused on realities of imprisonment; alternatives to imprisonment; legal and human rights; breaches of these rights (particularly in women’s prisons); discrimination against criminalised women; profile of criminalised women; children of women prisoners; and child/youth justice.


We look forward to providing a fabulous resource for everyone committed to working toward the abolition of prisons!!!



Recently Added Articles

Sisters Inside (2019) Inclusive Support
Quixley, Suzi (2011) How We Do It: Diverting Women from Prison
Submission to the UN Human Rights Council: Prisoners’ right to education
Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission: Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) Project