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This page is targeted at researchers with an interest in prison abolition and critical analysis of the carceral state.  The Research Hub provides an annotated bibliography of all public documents produced by Sisters Inside since 1999, including major submissions to government inquiries which reference multiple other sources.  Over time, we will progressively add "landmark" works related to women in the criminal justice system and other research/reports which Sisters Inside has found useful.  These are mainly Australian publications from a human rights/social justice perspective.  (Links to other national and international research hubs enable access to further resources relevant to criminalised women.)

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Recently Added

1.3 2017 SIS UNOHCHR Over Incarceration & Over Crowding Submission

1.3 2009 SIS National Human Rights Submission

4.1 2006 ADCQ Women In Prison Report

1.3 2007 SIS Juvenile Justice Act Submission

1.3 2012 SIS Child Protection Inquiry Submission